Landscape: recognizable

January 20, 2006
Music Reviews
By Andrea Ferraris

First things first: this gonna be the first review in a serie of three of cd came out on Creative Sources the lowest common denominator of which is the fact they all feature the mighty miss Ulher on trumpet. “Landscape: recognizable” is much more acoustic than electro-acoustic (whatever it means), while Birgit holds back the voice of her instrument, rumorism marries the non-intrusive percussionism-rumorism of Michael Zerang, Lou Malozzi follows perfectly, it’s hard to get who’s doing what except for the noises/notes “tricks” emitted by the one-lady-horn section. It may sound contradictory but for those who are new to Creative Sources, imagine this “electro-acoustic” music sometimes gives the idea “concretism” reaches its point of ebullition thru improvisation. This cd in particular sounds like it’s impro-jazz played without its traditional “dress”, what do I mean? Simple, the basic idea evolves around some of the most avantgardist thoughts of Beefheart and Ornette Coleman but don’t think the comparison explains it all. Improvisation without emitting classical “notes”, but at the same time think of this cd as a “free jazz” ensamble with the antenna oriented toward the action/reaction rail. Impro after impro that “no-jazz” thing arives slowly at its climax (Taming the nobility, Blame Pericles) and the fact the songs become barely structured is nothing but an illusion. Her we’ve music where something is happening, music without music, somebody will define it “acoustic rumorism” but it would be just too easy.