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Michael Zerang black and white photo by Fred Burkhard
Photo by Fred Burkhard
Our Father Zeke (film) Eric Wright / Bryn Magnus
Tale of the Ginja Marine Frank Melcori
Hot Sands Oil Baron Michael Zerang
Nixon: The Future is Now Jimi Jihad Frank Melcori
Death of Mar Shimun Mar Shimun Michael Zerang
Saddle Up 'ol Paint Cowboy Bill Frank Melcori
Final Notice Mystery Singer Kaja Overstreet
In the House of Sargon Taxi Driver Michael Zerang
Square Garden Lounge Drummer / Thug Steven Rumbelow
Ten Men At the Dyke Lead Singer Bob Eisen
Bolinga Street Bum David Zumboro
Ill-mannered Energy MC / Fornicator Kaja Overstreet
Kerouac: A Jazz Play Saxophonist Gypsy Theater Wagon
Rainer and the Knife The Mayor Ping Chong
Fish Story Paddle Boy Kaja Overstreet
Unrequited Love Last Poet Michael Bonesteel
Lacings Singer / Jumper Bartoszek / Pelliteir