This performance has passed.

Michael Zerang joins the Shantytown Orchestra

Location: New Orleans, LA

Conducted by QUINTRON


Andrew WK
Aaron Warren of Black Dice
Michael Zerang
Vockah Redu
Meschiya Lake
Rob Cambre
Marshall Lecount of Dark Dark Dark
Q and Mane of NOLA Fam
Frank Pahl
Lindsay Karty of Vicky
Aurora Nealand
Rusty Lazer

Musical Architecture in New Orleans

The Brooklyn-based artist Swoon is bringing a landmark, permanent, interactive sound-sculpture to the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. This “house” will also function as a musical instrument. A growing group of local and national sound artists are creating interactive instruments that will be built into its walls and floorboards allowing visitors to bring the house to life through their touch. Musicians will also play the house, performing orchestrated works at block parties that celebrate the architecture, music, and spirit of New Orleans with their friends and neighbors.

This fall visit our Piety Street site for a three month installation called the Music Box, A Shantytown Sound Laboratory. Here you will find our sound artists and musicians experimenting with prototypes for Dithyrambalina’s instrumentation in a musical village.  There will be singing walls, organ floor boards and heartbeat triggered percussion.

The Dithyrambalina is a New Orleans Airlift project. Using an import/export model and a multi-disciplinary approach, the Airlift facilitates and creates projects that take New Orleans’ artists to far flung parts of the globe for exhibitions and performances. In turn, the Airlift hosts artists from abroad for collaborative projects that celebrate and nourish the growth of an against-all-odds artistic renaissance that is currently flourishing in New Orleans – that same city that some people said would never come back.