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Moment to Moment

Joshua Abrams

Lisa Alverado

Zahra Glenda Baker 

Hamid Drake

Michael Zerang

Moment to Moment is a collective of artists including Hamid Drake, Michael Zerang, Zahra Baker, Lisa Alvarado and Joshua Abrams. The group will come together for a 60 minute improvisational set that weaves together energetic rhythms and eclectic visual elements. The group Moment to Moment was created through the artists’ participation in a research project with Dr. Ananda Marin (UCLA). The project aims to better understand the role of relationships and improvisation in teaching and learning. Over the past year, the group has participated in a series of conversations where they shared their personal and collective experiences with improvisation, creating a shared context for the performance that will take place on July 1, 2023. Join us as we explore the importance of time-space and social relationships for learning through an improvised performance and group discussion after the show.





Experimental Sound Studio

5925 N Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60660