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New Music at the Green Mill

music by composers Karlheinz Essl (“Amazing Maze”, performers Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Jeremy Ruthrauff (saxophone), R. Albert Falesch (computer); see, Fred Lonberg-Holm (“Normal Men”, performers Matt Long (piano), Jim Baker (ARP synthesizer), Michael Zerang (percussion), Jeb Bishop (electric guitar)), Jeremy Ruthrauff (music for solo saxophone, self-performed), Keith Carpenter (“Ceci n’est pas une pipe…”, performer Susan Fancher (alto sax)), Gary Verkade (“NICE” for tape), Charles Lipp (“Expectations’ Refutations” for bassoon and electronics, self-performed), Dan Wallace (“A Mad Girl’s Love Song” for soprano and cello), George Flynn (“Salvage” for piano, self-performed), Frank Abbinanti (“Solo for Bass Clarinet”, performer Christie Vohs); George Rochberg (“Trio for Clarinet, Piano, and Horn”, performers Michelle Doyle (clarinet), Jeremy Ronkin (horn), Matt Long (piano)); John Eaton (“Golk Sonatina”, performers Patricia Morehead (oboe), Philip Morehead (piano)); John Cage (“Winter Music”, in homage David Tudor, performers Frank Abbinanti (piano), George Flynn (piano)





The Green Mill

4600 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL